The greatest journeys begin with the turn of an ignition key.


Welcome to Club Torque, a prestigious and exclusive club that provides its members with the extraordinary opportunity to drive rare and exciting super cars in India.

Club Torque offers the enthusiasts the ultimate super car experience by providing the keys to an unrivaled fleet of the most desirable vehicles available, whilst removing the drawbacks associated with traditional ownership.

Club Torque features only limited and exclusive super cars that are exceptionally rare and not easily available on the open market. This ensures that every drive provides an exceptional, irreplaceable experience of travelling the open road in one of the world’s preeminent driving machines.

Our Club Memberships meet the needs of your active lifestyle, letting you experience the pleasure of driving these vehicles, while we take care of the inconveniences you don’t want to deal with such as maintenance and storage. Put yourself behind the wheel of an assorted set of exotics – including Mercedes, Ferrari, Porsche, Audi or BMW – for a high octane driving experience!

Both die-hard car enthusiasts and those simply craving the thrill of driving our exotic vehicles will find all that they’re looking for in our Club.

In return for an annual membership fee, the club takes care of the cost of procuring new cars, storage, insurance, servicing & maintenance, leaving members free to enjoy the immaculate fleet of super cars and a whole lot of fun!

We are committed to providing the most exciting and rewarding super car experience to our members. We supply the highest level of service & the best possible cars. Club Torque was built on dreams and passion and is set to redefine the standards of exclusive luxury in the Supercar segment in India.

Let’s face it – life’s just too short to keep driving the same vehicle!.