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What is Club Torque?

Club Torque is designed for car enthusiasts who may already own a performance vehicle but wish to access an entire collection of the very latest models from the fleet of the leading exotic and performance marques without the expense, time and inconvenience of traditional ownership. Extending beyond the one or two vehicles which members may keep in their garage, Club Torque affords its members with access to a fleet of superb machines to enjoy for a specific allocation of time per year. Owners of high performance vehicles are often burdened with the loss of capital and the added costs of insurance, maintenance and storage – making ownership more of a hassle than a luxury, ‘Club Torque will own, store, insure and maintain the fleet, allowing members the freedom to simply drive and enjoy the collection of extraordinary vehicles. Although this is the only offering of its kind in India, this concept has been operating successfully in the British, American, Europe and Australian markets for a number of years. Club Torque is however more than just a car sharing system – it is a members club providing both access to superb luxury performance vehicles and unique lifestyle experiences and benefits.

ls this similar to a fractional ownership or time-share club?

Although there are some similarities with time-share and fractional ownership clubs, there are some important differences: Club Torque members are not tied to a specific vehicle, they do not own a fraction of one or any of the vehicles! and cue not alternated to a pre-defined usage period. There are none of the liability or tax issues related to shared ownership. There are no restrictions related to committing to a specific time-share and vehicle. Although we trust members will remain with the Club for a long time, there is no long-term commitment. Club Torque provides access to a variety of superb performance vehicles for different occasions, different moods and different experiences, in addition to the lifestyle experiences and benefits available exclusively to its members.

How do I join Club Torque?

Please visit us at www.clubtorque.in to download an application form or call 9004789993 today to learn more about the Club and arrange fora personal tour of our facilities. Club Torque membership is only by invitation. This allows us to maintain a premium level of service while also giving us a better chance to know our Members.

Why should I join Club Torque?

Club Torque is India’s first and only membership based Super car club. Club Torque provides a way for our members to enjoy the thrill of driving fun, exotic and luxury vehicles without enduring the complications of ownership. We are a member-driven organization passionately dedicated to .giving you the ultimate driving experience you deserve and we are always trying to identify new ways we can enhance our Member’s experiences improve our fleet of sports cars and expand both offsite and onsite dub events.

How long has Club Torque been established?

This is the first year of Club Torque operations. Club Torque pioneers the luxury car share segment and its promoters are into automobile retail operations for last 15 years, striving to provide innovative solutions in this exciting industry.

Do I need to own a luxury car to join the club?

No, the whole idea behind Club Torque is for people who want to drive these exciting vehicles but don’t want the complications and costs that go along with ownership, its an exciting alternative to owning. Many of our members, however, do already own a fun weekend car or two and love the flexibility Club Torque allows them.

Who owns Club Torque's cars?

Club Torque Lifestyle LLP owns and maintains the cars in our facility.

What is the availability of cars like?

We endeavor to keep the car to membership ratio low to ensure better availability of our cars to our members.

What is the condition of your cars?

All vehicles have been hand-selected by Club Torque. Their interiors and exteriors are in excellent condition. Moreover, the mechanical condition of each vehicle is pristine.

Can I switch cars and try several?

That’s what Club Torques is all about. You can use a different car every week.Owning your own sports car isn’t nearly half as fun!

Can I use a car for an entire week?

Of course! All that’s needed is a confirmed reservation.

Are there mileage restrictions?

The number of miles you drive is unlimited on the Elite Collection. Members are encouraged to enjoy themselves as if the cars are an extension of their own fleet.

Will I have trouble operating my car?

Each vehicle has its own charm and character. Club Torque ensures you are comfortable in each vehicle you use by providing a comprehensive “driver control tutorial” covering everything from starting the ignition to operating the convertible top and radio.

Is the roadside assistance available?

Club Torque has partnered with an established travel company to offer a comprehensive 24/7 Roadside Assistance Policy that is there if you need it.

Where are you located?

Club Torque currently is based out of Mumbai. Club Torque will continue to add new locations in premier markets across India.

How do I reserve a car?

Just click your mouse to our convenient Member login or simply call or email us. Vehicles are reserved in advance, on a first-come, first-served bases. Cars are available last minute subject to availability.

Why is a point system used?

A Ferrari is not equivalent to a Porsche, nor is a Mercedes to an Audi. All are unique and desirable vehicles; however, a point system allows you to maximize your point usage.

Where do I park my car when I pick up a Club Torque car?

Club Torque offers secure parking for your vehicle while you are out enjoying one of ours.

Can you deliver a Club car to my home or office?

Yes, certainly. Club Torque has a custom enclosed carrier and we do deliveries to our busy clients seven days a week

Do I have to return my car clean?

All of our vehicles are thoroughly detailed for your pick up, and once again when you drop it off.

What happens if I use all my points or mileage allowance before the end of my membership year?

If a member uses all his allocated points before the end of his membership period, he is welcome to renew early, therefore receiving a new allocation at the time he requires.

Is it possible to take Club Torque cars outside Mumbai?

Yes, our members are welcome to drive a Club car into nearby locations.

Can I use Club Torque cars on track days or races?

No. Club Torque cars are not allowed on a race track; race circuit; deregulated toll roads or used in any way for speed testing. Club Torque reserves the right to terminate a membership if any Club member or life partner is in breach of this rule.

What are the Club day timings?

The Club on week day runs from 12.00 noon to 10.00 am the following day and the Club on weekend runs from Friday at 12.00 noon to Monday at 10.00 am. Weekends represent three days of points. These times may be flexible dependent upon the individual member’s specific requirements.

What is a Wildcard?

A Wildcard is what you use to make a booking if it is more than 30 days in the future. Wildcards ensure you get the car you want when you want it Elite members receive Two wildcards. Each Wildcard is valid for one car for a maximum of 5 days.

How long can a car booking be for?

A Club Torque member can book a car for 3 days or for a maximum of 10 days.

Are there any age restrictions for membership, applications?

Club Torque’s minimum age for a membership application is 25 years.

If I have a friend or associate who wants to join Club Torque, is there an incentive to introduce new members?

Yes, as a thank you, Club Torque offers a number of bonus points to existing member who has made the referral.

What vehicles will comprise the vehicle fleet?

Club Torque aims to make available to its members the most sought after collection of the finest and latest Supercars, whilst heeding the requirements and desires of its members. Its the intention that the fleet will comprise vehicles from such marques as Ferrari, Porsche, Audi, Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

What other cars will Club Torque add to the collection?

The collection will continually develop and expand. It is the aim of Club Torque to change and add to the fleet regularly to reflect the wishes of our members and the timing of the launch of new models into the market.

Do, members need previous driving experience?

The member must have held a valid Indian driving licence (or equivalent International driving licence) for at least 5 years. In order to get the most enjoyment from the cars, It is highly recommended that an advanced drivers course be undertaken prior to use.

ls a clean driving record required?

Club Torque will accept drivers who have had no more than one accident in the last 3 years. Drivers who have been convicted of a serious driving offence, or who have had their licence suspended or revoked may not be considered. Club Torque will consider each application on an individual basis and additional costs may apply.

Does it make financial sense to Join Club Torque?

For enthusiasts who wish to drive the latest Supercars, membership of Club Torque makes financial sense. The costs of owning, maintaining and insuring just one of the vehicles in the Club Torque fleet far exceed the costs of membership. Additional membership benefits and services add to the appeal of Club Torque.

How does Club Torque compare to a car rental company?

Unlike the experience of renting a car from a car rental company, Club Torque is a private club focused on the experience of driving the finest Supercars where only an elite base of members can participate in the continued selection and evolution of the fleet, can drive and experience the Club’s vehicles, and can participate in exclusive membership benefits and experiences.

Will I incur any other costs outside of the membership Investment and the monthly membership fees?

Fuel, damage and loss are all extra on top of the membership, as is a wear and tear charge (at Club Torque’s discretion) for excessive use. Any costs which accrue to the member will be invoiced monthly. For more information about loss and damage see the Club Torque Membership Agreement & Rules.

Do I have to pay for fines?

The cars are the member’s responsibility whilst in his or her possession and as such, speeding fines or any other similar endorsement will be forwarded to the member in question when they are received by Club Torque.

Who are Club Torque members?

Club Torque members are Auto Connoisseurs who love the flexibility and idea of enjoying their lifestyle and raising them to new, untold levels of driving pleasure. Their top interests other than cars are travel, food, wine and fine dining. Top driving occasions using our cars include: family outings, special occasions, weekend getaways.